Master Kurt Wong established Wu Tan Alaska in 1979, as a branch of the internationally renowned “Wu Tang Kung Fu Development Center in Taiwan”. The Center was founded by Grandmaster Liu, Yun Chiao in the early 70’s to help promote the traditional Chinese Martial Arts to the public. Master Kurt Wong, one of Grandmaster Liu’s disciples, is carrying on the tradition of Wu Tan in the arctic north.

Master Wong was born in Taipei, Taiwan where he spent his youth studying the many styles of Northern Chinese Kung Fu. He studied under his Master Su, Yu Chang as well as under Grandmaster Liu, Yun Chiao and Master Adam Hsu.

The many styles of Kung Fu Master Wong studied include BaJi Chuan, Pi Qua Zhang, Baqua, “Seven Star”, “Eight Step” & “Mei Hua” Praying Mantis, Chen & Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and various weapons. Master Wong travelled to the United States and began teaching in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1979. He opened the Anchorage school in 1981, where he has been teaching ever since.

Master Wong aspires to bring both the physical and mental benefits of Chinese Kung Fu to all students. Through practice and dedication, a student can develop a strong character, a healthy connection with body and mind and a high level of skill in these Martial Arts.

Master Wong is currently offering classes at Wu Tan Alaska in Praying Mantis Style of Kung Fu, Long Fist, Bagua, Chen style & Low Impact Tai Chi Chuan.

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