5 Lines of Jien Basics

(Developed to assist teaching and learning Jien basics in solo practice)
Good for all levels - progressively more difficult

Zoom Seminar
Saturdays September 19th and 26th 2:00-3:30 pm ALASKA time
Cost $80/ $90 with pdf booklet (65 or over $50/ $55)

Email Address for PDF Book

Baji Internal Cultivation

Master Kurt Wong is offering an internal practice method for Baji Chuan, all participants are welcome.

This is a Zoom seminar
October 17th and 18th 2:00-4:00 pm ALASKA time
Cost $150 (65 or over $100)

Ba Zhou

Eight Elbows is an advanced form in the Plum Blossom Praying Mantis system. The focus is on short power and close range striking. While designated “high level” it can be a beneficial form to learn earlier on due to its ease of application in the heat of the moment. Elbow technique —obviously— are emphasized.

Zoom Seminar (And in Person—limit 6)
October 3, 10 3-4:30 PM (AK time)
Cost $100 - $50 (65+)

Liang Yi Zhang aka “Xiao Kai Men”

This form is passed down from the famous Grandmaster Liu, Yun-Qiao. This form was first taught in Alaska by Master Kurt Wong (Disciple of GM Liu). It is a short form and will be taught in a gentle fashion with the emphasis on breathing and opening the Ming Men—or Life Gate. Good for all ages and levels of interest.

Zoom Seminar (And in Person—limit 6)
November 7, 14 2-3 PM (AK time)
Cost $100 - $50 (65+)

Si Xing Ba Zhang Four Forms Eight Palms

This seminar will teach the Si Xing Ba Zhang—the final circular incarnation of the Xiao Kai Men in the Bagua system. It is composed of 8 Lines to be walked on the Bagua circle. This is one of the foundational forms of the Bagua System and it clearly exemplifies Bagua Jing and cultivation.

Zoom Seminar (And in Person—limit 6)
November 7, 14 4-5:30 PM (AK time)
Cost $100 - $50 (65+)

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