Master Su

Departed 2019

Grandmaster Su

Grandmaster Su, aka Lightning Hands and Mantis King, was the hero and inspiration for thousands of loving students around the world. Grandmaster Su was the man who took Master Wong under his wing and always treated him like a son. The depth of knowledge and skill achieved by Grandmaster Su is beyond description; his books, his writings, his lectures, his superlative skill and his larger than life personality demanded respect from all who met him or had the privilege to learn from him directly. There are thousands of people who have had their lives blessed and made more fulfilling thanks to the tireless efforts of Grandmaster Su to both reach the highest levels of martial skill - he was an acknowledged Master in every sense of the word - and to spread the authentic Kung Fu throughout the world. We at the Wu Tang Kung Fu and Tai Chi Institute in Alaska all grieve his loss, celebrate his life and accomplishments, cherish his gifts to us, and send our condolences and best wishes to Grandmaster Su's family and to his Disciples to whom he was always more father than simply teacher. We love him and will miss him, but we will never forget him or lose the gifts he gave to us.

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