Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao (1909-1992)

photo of GM Liu Yun Qiao

The Wu-Tan Kuo Shu Development Center was founded by Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao. Grandmaster Liu grew up in the Cang County of Hebei Province in northern China. At a very young age, Grandmaster Liu was in very poor health. His father asked for the service of a martial artist Chang Yao Ting to strengthen young Liu. Under Chang, grandmaster Liu eventually gained back his health and began to study TaiZu Chang Chuan (Song Emperor Long Fist) and MiZong-I Quan (Lost Track Boxing).

In 1916, grandmaster Liu began his studies under Li Shu Wen, a famous Baji Quan and Pigua Zhang master. Grandmaster Liu's father hired the services of this famed master and killer to teach grandmaster Liu martial arts. Li Shu Wen's training method was quite harsh, all grandmaster Liu did for a year was stance training. This gave grandmaster Liu a good foundation in the styles Li Shu Wen taught. Grandmaster Liu was the last of Li Shu Wen's disciples; this is why grandmaster Liu's Baji and Piqua was different from his older kung fu brothers. Li was in his 60's when he was training young Liu and was re-organizing the Baji and Pigua styles.

Around the early 30's, in Shantung Province, Grandmaster Liu began his training in Liu He Tang Lang Quan (Six Harmony Preying Mantis) under Ding Zi Cheng and Yin Fu Bagua Zhang under Gong Bao Tien.He fought against the Japanese during the war in 1937, serving in the military for eight years. After moving to Taiwan, Grandmaster Liu became commander of the airborne troops and held other positions in the defense military. Upon retiring grandmaster Liu established Wu-Tan Kuo Shu Development Center and became a consultant for many kung fu organizations. So far Grandmaster Liu has trained over 3000 disciples.

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