Beginning Kung Fu

  • Warm up
  • Basic stances
  • Basic punches and kicks
  • Six lines of Praying Mantis
  • Ten lines of Tan Tui
  • Tsa Tsui form - Praying Mantis
  • Ben Bu form - Praying Mantis
  • Small Tiger & Sparrow form - Praying Mantis
  • Weapons

Intermediate Kung Fu

  • Seven hands of Seven Star Praying Mantis
  • Basic Praying Mantis hand techniques and usages
  • Learn all three beginning Kung Fu forms
  • Ba Bu Zai Iau Yi Lu (1st section)
  • Seven Star Summary form
  • Small Turning Wheel form
  • Big Turning Wheel form
  • Weapons

Advanced Kung Fu

  • Specialize in either Seven Star or Ba Bu Praying Mantis
  • Eight Hard and Twelve Soft techniques
  • Zai Kuei form
  • Lan Jei form
  • Ba Bu Zai Iau Er Lu (2nd section)
  • Other Advanced forms
  • Weapons
  • Writing articles and further study of Chinese martial arts philosophy

Download Kung Fu Curriculum PDF file.

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